I'm pleased the editors of the on-line magazine, The Disappointed Housewife, found merit in my Vaiku digital poem, "I'll Mend", shown on this page. It is one of a trio of Vaiku I've created on the Coivd virus theme.


Vaiku, or visual haiku, is a term I've coined for original digital poems inspired by Japanese poetry. They are not strictly syllabic but Western haiku, to use Jack Kerouac’s term, brief illuminations rendered in the haiku spirit. 


They capture various moods or tones, at times playful and whimsical, at other times exploring deeper themes but always attempting to be in tune with the haiku’s sense of the heightened moment. These works utilize public domain materials with hand-painted and/or hand-drawn elements.



















The Vaiku poem as it appears on The Disappointed Housewife website can be found here.


I urge the reader to explore the website. The editors are publishing very interesting work. Pleasse support their work.

New Publication: Vaiku poetry

I've written an article for this website that briefly illustrates the Vaiku creation process. The reader can find it here.