When I think of happiness I have in mind this notion: "Have someone to love and have something you love to do." It's the second part of the notion that we are concerned with here.


What is it you really love to do? Creativity is not bounded by the seven lively arts, the creative spark is alive and dancing in every labor of love-- whether it be crafting, cooking, or candle-making, just to use a few "Cs". Once you've found your Muse, keep her "amused" by working regularly at what you love to do-- it doesn't have to be according to a strict schedule-- and for a length of time that always allows you to pick up where you left off.

Never underestimate your creative gifts and don't be afraid to make mistakes.


The old adage is absolutely true no matter how old you are: LEARN BY DOING.


Creativity is all about self and world and cosmic discovery, so don't be afraid of getting lost in the woods. Or in the stars.


Like any wayfarer, though, you will need to prepare for the journey. Once you know what you love to do, you need to identify the right tools, the right time, and the right schedule to do that work.


The tools make up your pack, the right time is your pack animal, and the right schedule is your trail guide. And let's not forget your Muse. She's always with you. So armed, you'll always reach your destination, keeping in mind that getting lost temporarily can lead to a good tale too.

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              DIVE RIGHT IN. . . . 

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