How Picasso’s Dove Flew to China

It might be wondered why Mao Ze Dong’s Chinese Communist government might accord such a high profile to the creations of a decadent Western artist. Certainly Picasso’s political credentials helped, for not only did he defy fascist authorities during WWII, he joined the French Communist Party following the liberation of Paris in 1944 believing that communist ideals held out the best program for world peace.

Another Picasso lithograph, made in 1951 (shown above), is also, in my view, a contender as the model for the PRC stamp on the right. Could it be that the Chinese stamp image is a composite? I would love to hear from anyone with evidence or a better conjecture. Feel free to write the author at


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 Picasso's love for and fascination with doves likely  hearkens back to his youth. The artist's father raised and bred the birds.