How Picasso’s Dove Flew to China

As for the stamp issued in 1953 (PRC 188), it too is likely** drawn from a world peace poster, one announcing the 1950 world peace congress, held in Sheffield, England. This bird is without question, a dove. She is shown in flight, a brave and determined symbol of mankind’s desire to be free of the scourge of warfare.

However, en route to the People’s Republic it appears our dove stopped off for a feast of berries and grain, for it seems to have a put on a few hundred grams by the time it reached Beijing. Or perhaps this Chinese version was dashed off by a postal service designer anxious to break for lunch.

It appears this dove, despite its long journey to China, has put put on some weight.

 On the left, the orginal Picasso drawing from 1950. The bird looks stressed and fatigued and appears to be flying over burnt ground, perhaps a warning of the horrors of a nuclear war.