"Yet of some parts seperable, A Tast maie well be Convenable...to make assay Whether they be well wrought or nay."


Thomas Norton, Ordinal of Alchemy (1477)


Back in 1998, with the publication of my first book, The Mystery Box, I was able to realize, with the help of Ana Libri Press, a long held desire to blend fiction and images in a unique way. The Mystery Box is illustrated by world wide postage stamps and they help to move the story along as in a comic or graphic novel. There was another aim though, not immediately apparent, in having another artistic dimension in play, one in which the words mirror the images and the images, the words. I don't think I was entirely successful in that, partly due to the limitations inherent in postage stamps themselves, linked as they are to a specific time, topic, and place of origin.


Some twenty years on and, after much writing in all genres, I return to that rich creative matrix of image and word. With the "assays" (in the dual sense of experiment and experience) displayed in the slideshow on this page, I have embarked on a journey to go some steps further by arranging, creating and transforming images in context of short poems. These are "Western haiku" as Jack Kerouac dubbed poetry inspired by Japanese and other poetic forms but not confined to strict syllable count or rules of composition.


I think of these works as "in motion", in process, permutations. I am pleased to share them with you and let you conjure "whether they be well wrought or nay."



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