The world of stamps is awash with images of political leaders—the good, the bad, and the dubious. As far as curating goes, Fearless Leader stamps are among my least favorites, However they have a certain claim to our attention, no matter how fleeting.


Accordingly, we put forward the first in a series of definitive* leaders for you to identify and rate in terms of their historical legacy.


Click on one of the images to go to the quiz on that individual.


Your answer will produce a brief bio of the individual as well as what appears to be the current historical consensus on the leader’s legacy (always subject to change).


* definitive— This term is a philatelic insider joke, one of the few known in the hobby, since postage stamps known as DEFINITIVES are issued by postal authorities for everyday use over an indefinite period. Perhaps the proper term should be Indefinite Definitive. This is another rare philatelic joke.


Definitives often portray the likenesses of Fearless Leaders.