Zultan permitted himself a sarcasm. "So this devil howled outside your window all night long."


            "He left his signature before he cleared out." Yorgi said, oblivious to his friend's remark. "He left my barn in flames."


            "A barn burner!" Now Zultan was alarmed.


            "He lit up the world all right. One of the acacia trees caught fire. It moaned like a soul in hell. Then I saw the stones in the dust." And Yorgi began to trace the letters on the coffee table. "Princip. G. Princip."


            "That's a funny name for the devil."


            Yorgi was thinking up his reply when a beefy man came riding into the square. The lathered horse and rider looked as if they were about to drop.


            "That's Terescu." said Yorgi, getting to his feet. "Something's up."


            "It's market day in Sarajevo." Zultan laughed. "Maybe they had a fight over the price of turnips."


        Devil at the Door  (4)


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