"So." Ginger placed a thoughtful finger to her lip. "This is just a bomb scare perpetrated by Moriarity while he carries out the real future crime somewhere else. Interesting, Buzz. There's one problem though."


            "How's that, Ginger?"


            "If we're hallucinating, then how can we talk rationally like this about being in an hallucination. I mean, that doesn't make sense."


            "It does, if the hallucination is perfect. For then, everything in the hallucination seems real. I mean there's no way of knowing we aren't in an hallucination, is there?"


            "I see your point . . . " Ginger looked down at the time scrolling across her transponder. "Buzz, we have exactly three minutes to defuse this bomb. According to your theory, we don't know if the device is real or not."




            "Well, I say we go ahead and try to defuse the thing anyway. Even if we are in an hallucination, a lot of imaginary people could get blown up-- including us. And that's for real!"


            Fortified with this realization, she pulled open the closet door. There, in the wash basin was a shiny black box made of an unknown substance. When Buzz's light fell on it, a little mechanical clown popped out of the top of the box, holding a piece of a paper.




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