"Hold on for a second, Buzz. Something is coming through from headquarters." Ginger Ray's voice had a metallic edge to it as it crackled through Buzz's helmet phones. He set the jetpack to idle and pressed his wrist transponder for the coded transmission. For a moment, the two Cadets hung suspended against the backdrop of luminous vortex-shaped space stations and sleek spacecraft, their afterburners emitting bright scarlet bursts. Dominating the spacescape was the immense burning ball of Barnard's Star, much farther from its planets than was earth's Helios, and swathed in a lilac nimbus which shifted to a deeper rose-red hue about a dozen parsecs from the core.


            When the transmission was over, Buzz and Ginger looked at each other with alarm and dismay. Space Cadet Ray was the first to break the silence. "This is far worse than Episode Six."




 "How can you be two places at once, when you're nowhere at all?" the Firesign Theater once wanted to know. Well, Space Cadets Buzz Geiger and Ginger Ray run into similar quandaries when they are called to duty in . . . .